ISO 26262 Functional Safety


Many systems that we are used to have in our vehicles are becoming electrical and/or electronic with an increasing rate, and we are having additional complex electronic systems. To be sure about these systems’ reliability during the most critical conditions, ISO 26262 is the state-of-the-art for automotive functional safety.


• We organize open-house or in-house trainings taking your production and design scope into account.

• We organize short duration trainings focusing on certian parts of ISO 26262, or 5-days trainings after which you may have an exam and receive functional safety expert certficate.

• We specialize the trainings for top level managers, project managers, QM managers, hardware engineers, software engineers, etc.

Project support

• We give project support for the items covered under trainings.

• We support for the tests and organizations for ISO 26262 processes.