Type Approval of Vehicles, Systems, Components and STUs


Homologation (type approval) processes cover the control steps for certification of vehicles, their systems,components and separate technical units with regard to international and/or national legislations. It is a mandatory process to be able to sell the products in certain markets, especially in EU and UN member countries.

As Optival, we give homologation services within the scope of 2007/46/EC with an experienced team in homologation of motor vehicles, trailers and their systems, components and separate technical units.


• We organize trainings for which the contents are prepared according to the scope of your design and production, and specialize the contents for homologation experts, R&D engineers, sales specialists, import/export specialists and managers.

• We organize trainings for conformity of production (CoP)

• For the new markets that you want to focus on, we make detailed surveys and organize trainings for national/regional homologation requirements

• Taking the modifications that you plan to implement on your already certified products, we organize trainings focusing on the design changes.

• The content of the training packages can be seen here.

Project support

• It is crucial to follow the legislative requirements from the start of an R&D project, as a late realization of a mistake will probably cause extreme costs. By checking the homologation requirements over software data, clay models, etc; we support you from the start of the design phase.

• Legislations always have grey areas which need to be double checked and clarified before and/or during the projects. We support you for these clarifications, by collecting technical justifications, previous experiences and different approval authorities’ interpretations.


• We perform all tests for your homologation processes

• We perform pre-homologation tests during R&D phase

Conformity of Production (CoP)

• Taking your production and type approval scope into account, we support you to define the CoP agenda.

• We support the communication with the approval authorities.

• We perform controls and tests needed for CoP procedure.

• We support you for the documentation of your CoP activities.

Directives/regulations tracking service

• We track UN regulations, EC directives, EU/EC regulations and Turkish legislations and report the changes in special format.

• We alert you for critical transition dates of legislations, which may affect your products.

• We prepare summaries of fundamental changes in directives and regulations in specific format.